Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can I have any “extras”?

A. In reference to ANY sexual activities there are no extras, I worked very hard for my qualifications and do not appreciate these type of enquiries.

Q. Do you have showering facilities?

A. No, I do not have showering facilities but in regards to certain treatments showering is not recommended for at least 24 hours.

Q. What is the different between body massage and aromatherapy massage?

A. The main difference between these treatments is that body massage is delivered using unscented oils whereas aromatherapy massage is delivered using a blend of essential and carrier oils, which are scented and will vary in scent dependent on the intention of the treatment.

Q. What is the difference between pre-blended and bespoke aromatherapy treatments?

A. A pre-blended treatment is delivered using a massage oil blend which I have purchased, I have 6 varieties of these oils to meet common complaints. Bespoke aromatherapy is delivered using a blend of essential and carrier oils chosen by myself to meet your needs. In order to perform a bespoke treatment I will need to perform a consultation with yourself the evening before your treatment to discuss you needs, requests and limitations.

Q. What will I wear during a treatment?

A. For any massage treatment all clients are expected to wear their underwear at all times. Females may chose to wear or remove their bra depending on which they find most comfortable. In regards to reflexology treatments clients will only need to remove their shoes, socks and their trousers if they will restrict circulation when rolled up.

Q. How often should I have a treatment?

A. I would never like to tell a client that they need to see me on a regular basis as I do not wish to put financial pressure on any of my clients as I do not feel this is beneficial for the mental well-being. However I will say the regular holistic treatments are beneficial for your mind, body and spirit and you should choose to receive treatments depending on what best suits yourself.

Q. What does Holistics mean?

A. A holistic therapy is a treatment which benefits the mind, body and spirit all at once. Other names for holistic therapies are complementary therapies and alternative medicine.

Q. Do you offer sports or deep tissue massage?

A. As I am not qualified in these areas I will not advertise these services however I have been complemented on the pressure and depth of treatments I offer.